Why Lease

Why Lease?
• Conserve Capital Leasing enables you to direct capital to the highest profit centers of your business.

• Preserve Credit Lines Present lines of credit can be left open to meet other needs of your business. Unlike bank loans, leasing does not require compensating balances.

• Facilitate Budgeting Small monthly rental, made out of pre-tax income, may be squeezed into a tight budget.

• Avoid Obsolescence Leasing makes it easy to upgrade your equipment, eliminating inefficiencies and keeping your business ahead of the competition.

• Pay Its Own Way Leasing allows you to pay for the equipment as you use it to generate income.

• Leasing is 100% Financing Unlike loans, leasing usually requires only one or two advance payments.

• Loans at a bank may have “Loan Covenants” that can prevent you from getting a new loan. We strive to keep those restrictions to a minimum, and keep the approval process simple.

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Commercial & Industrial Equipment

MCC realizes that the cost to replace, or update your Commercial and Industrial equipment can be challenging, if not prohibitive. For over 35 years, MCC is committed to serving the needs of any size businesses with creative, affordable financing plans to meet your company’s needs.





We will look at all types of equipment requests - but to name a few:
Agricultural Equipment
Car Wash Equipment
Construction Equipment
Dry Cleaning Equipment
Fitness Equipment
Heavy Equipment
Metal Working Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
Parts Washing Equipment
Printing Equipment
Restaurant Equipment

From heavy equipment down to small requests, MCC want to help your business succeed by acquiring the equipment needed for now, and going forward.

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Technology & Software

Because MCC has a team of experienced IT equipment financing specialists, you can count on us to help you secure the equipment you need to modernize, or update. We have financing solutions that fit your budget. We can turn a large upfront cost into a manageable payment program.

We know that in order for your business to remain competitive in today’s economy, it is necessary to equip your business with cutting edge technology. At MCC, we will respond quickly to your price requests, proposals, credit review, and funding to your vendor(s).

These are just a few ways in which MCC can offer custom solutions to fit your needs.

Just some of the Technology & Software we will consider include:
Computer Leasing Equipment 
Computer Network Equipment 
• Furniture
• Printers, Monitors & Workstations

Security Systems
Software Training, Installation, Delivery Leasing
• Telecomunication Systems
• Uninterrupted Power Supplies & Line Conditioners

Your needs will vary from other businesses. Let MCC work with you to find a solution for your unique needs.

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