Why Mid Continent Capital?
• MCC’s focus for 35 years has always been small business.

• MCC offers equipment, software, & vehicle financing.
• Business loans up to $250,000.
• Our simplified “1-2-3 process” makes it simple to process your requests.
• Credit quality from A through D, and start-ups.
• We strive to provide exceptional customer service & clear communication.
• Direct access to “decision makers” for fast credit approvals.
• Our “cash flow friendly" options offer many payment options.

How MCC helps our Customers!
There are many benefits that commercial leasing offers businesses to take advantage of immediate opportunities. Mid Continent Capital provides the tools so that as your business grows at a comfortable pace, you are also preserving your line of credit, managing your cash flow, and keeping up with current technologies.

Leasing is a viable option for businesses of all sizes and in any industry because leasing gives you, our customer, the ability to leverage purchasing power. Additionally, you can take advantage of available tax deductions. Instead, you might otherwise need to borrow from your credit line, or have to liquidate an asset.

Why Mid Continent Capital (MCC) vs The Bank
• 100% Financing – with MCC, you can include 100% of the cost of the equipment including delivery, installation, freight, and software. Banks will require a 20% down payment.
• “Everything and the kitchen sink”- many times, banks will require you to cross collateralize all of your equipment, and maybe a compensating balance in your checking account(s).
• Simplicity- with MCC, no business plan is required & no loan committee that delays the process.
• Faster -your bank will want tax returns, lots of documents & make you wait.

• Restrictive Covenants- loan covenants at the bank can affect your ability to borrow in the future unless you get permission of the bank. 
• “Cash Flow Friendly” with MCC, your lease payment can be tailered to your cash flow patterns
• See our “Cash Flow Friendly” deferred payment options.
• Yearly Early Re-Qualification - banks will require it – read the fine print.
• Fixed Payments – lease payments are fixed, bank payments are adjustable. 
• Credit availability - if you borrow from the bank today, in the future when you have an emergency, will the bank lend you the money? With MCC, we are a non-conflicting source of credit- what that means is that you can use that bank for that emergency because your line of credit will still be available if an emergency happens.

Leasing will benefit you in many ways. Contact us with any questions, or APPLY on line.

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