Lease Programs Offered at MCC

MCC offers 2 types of lease programs; the first is called Lease to Own, also known as:
• $1 Buyout
• Capital Lease
• Finance Agreement or
• Bargain Lease Purchase

These leases combine a fixed monthly payment with the guarantee-in-advance right to purchase the equipment at the conclusion of the lease term at a pre-determined price - usually a dollar. This is available in most states.

The second lease program is a lease with an Option to Buy. Fair Market Value (FMV) these lease payments are less, and you choose your options to:
• Return the equipment to Mid Continent Capital with no further obligations.
• Purchase the equipment for its fair market value.
• Continue leasing the equipment for additional months at a reduced monthly payment.
• Purchase the equipment for a pre-arranged fixed amount, usually 10% of its original price.

Mid Continent Capital also offers specialty leases such as:
• Startup businesses & new business applications. Some submissions only require a one page lease application & pre-approvals are made in hours, not days.
• A Commercial lease will require financial data, but more aggressive lease payments are offered.
• Credit mess-ups do happen. If an applicant has previous slow pay, paid tax liens, or even bankruptcies that have been dismissed at least three years prior with good pay credit we can get them done!
• We offer 100% Software + soft cost submissions that includes consulting fees, installation, training, shipping, warranty extensions, etc. This also applies to website and e-commerce software and development.
• Used equipment? No problem. Does your client need to sell his used equipment to buy your new equipment? We can finance both transactions.
• Accounts receivable and working capital. You can turn your outstanding receivables into capital in days, not months.
• Sale Leaseback. Have you bought some equipment within the last 90 days? We can buy the equipment from you and lease it back under the terms you select.
• Vendor Pre-funding, otherwise known as Progress Payments. Let us pre-fund those advanced lump-sum payments to the vendors for the specially designed equipment.
• Commercial vehicles either as a TRAC or Conventional leases? We can lease construction, titled vehicles, trucks, trailers, vans, limos and cars and much more.
• Municipal, State and Federal Government Leases.These payments are Tax Exempt and we offer a variety of repayment structures.
• Master Leases. Once you have been approved, Mid Continent Capital only requires a simple addendum and equipment schedule form for each new batch of equipment.

Lastly, Mid Continent Capital strives to provide “Cash Flow Friendly Leasing.” This is designed to help better match your equipment investment to the anticipated new and or greater revenue.

Here are 5 ways “cash flow friendly leasing” can work for your company:
1. Choose 30, 60, or 90 day deferral
2. Seasonal payments
3. Step up payments
4. Step down payments
5. Skip payment vouchers

Mid Continent Capital would like to assist you with your company’s growth.

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