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For over 30 years, Tom Twyman, President of Mid Continent Capital, Inc. has been focused on arranging equipment financing and business loans for their customers.

I would like to specifically talk about the dental industry. Whether you’re opening a new dental practice or moving to a new location and upgrading equipment, dental practice set-up is a tedious and time consuming process. There are many things to think about including the costs associated with acquiring new or upgraded dental equipment. Being able to compete with other practices by providing state of the art dental services is important. State of the art means acquiring brand new or almost new dental equipment that is equipped with the latest technology and design.

Mid Continent Capital helps ease the burden that equipment purchases can place on cash flow because we offer equipment LEASING options that dramatically reduce the amount of cash needed upfront for equipment purchases. Leasing also allows dental professionals to design their lease payment plans in a way that best fits their monthly cash flow needs. Dentists, Orthodontists, Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, Pediatric Dentists, no matter your area of focus we can assist you in building a state of the art practice.

MCC can finance both new and used equipment and dental supply inventory, for example:
• Ultrasonic Cleaner
• Wall Mounted X-Ray
• Vacuum System
• Oilless Air Compressor
• Film Processor w/ Daylight Loader
• Amalgamator
• Curing Light
• Plaster Trap
• Plaster Vibrator
• Model Trimmer
• Lathe
• Taper for Lathe
• Autoclave
• Ultrasonic Scaler
• Eyewash Station
• Operative Instruments & Supplies
• Infection Control Supplies
• Oral Surgery Instruments & Supplies
• Endodontic Kits & Supplies
• Prosthodontic & Laboratory Supplies
• Preventive Dentistry Supplies
• Radiology Supplies
• Handpieces
• Dental chairs and the list goes on!

So what types of lease options does Mid Continent Capital offer? MCC offers 5 standard “very cash flow friendly leasing options” that can help you acquire the dental equipment your practice needs, and quickly:

First, would be our 30, 60, or 90 Day Deferral Option You can take delivery of your new equipment IMMEDIATELY and MCC will pay your vendor. Your first 3 payments would be what we call “contact payments” a minimal $25 for example. Contact payments allow you to ramp up, learn your new equipment, work out the kinks, and get some cash flowing in before having to start your monthly payments.

Secondly, we offer Seasonal Payments If your cash flow is stronger during particular times of the year we can offer high/low seasonally adjusted payments.

Third, we offer Step Up Payments This option means your payments will increase over time as your cash flow increases. For example, first 6 payments at $99 a month, followed by 30, 42, or 54 payments We also offer just the opposite of Step Up which we of course refer to as Step Down Payments This payment option is particularly beneficial when you are looking to accelerate tax write-offs.

Lastly, we offer Skip Payment Vouchers If you want the flexibility to skip a payment here or there without compromising your good credit our skip payment voucher system may be the way to go!

These 5 options are great but rest assured Mid Continent Capital can be very creative when it comes to designing a lease finance plan that is tailored even more specifically to your dental practice needs! MCC is a great resource for dental professionals, making it simple and fast to acquire the equipment you need to build a successful and competitive practice.

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