Computer Leasing

computer phone tabletComputers and software are at the foundation of any business. Accounting, customer management, planning, and manufacturing and services all depend on a robust system that is current and powerful. Owning multiple computer systems can cost thousands of dollars, not including support and maintenance of the hardware and software.

Companies often have multiple work stations that are connected via LAN’s (Local Area Networks) or WAN’s (Wide Area Networks). This allows computer work stations to access the internal intranet, a separate database that can only be accessed by computers linked to the local area network or connect to exterior portals such as the internet and other databases using a wide area network.

The computer industry moves quickly, and if your business depends on having the most up-to-date computer hardware, upgrading can become extremely expensive. Leasing computers,computer network systems and software paired with leasing computers ensures your company always has the most recent and current hardware and software.

Benefits of Leasing through Mid Continent Capital:
• Custom terms and flexible arrangements are available
• You can lease hardware and software to pair with your computers
• Purchasing the system at fair market value after the lease expires also is available
• Check out the tax advantages to your business by leasing and not purchasing, including a 100% write-off

Mid Continent Capital helps businesses across the country grow and remain competitive through leasing. Contact us to see how we can help you optimize your cash flow and profitability for your business.

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