Car Wash Equipment Lease Financing

Mid Continent Capital, Inc. provides lease financing options for the car wash industry. Whether owners/operators are acquiring new or used equipment, or expanding their car wash locations, Mid Continent Capital, Inc. can assist car wash owners with equipment lease financing needs. Depending on the type of car wash, equipment needs will differ. Mid Continent Capital, Inc. can finance most equipment needs.

For example, automated carwash locations utilize conveyor belt and guard rail equipment to pull the car through the car washing tunnel.

These types of conveyors also operate with a variety of belts:
• Chain belts
• Flat Belts
• Cleated Belts

Mid Continent Capital, Inc. can assist with equipment financing options for all types of conveyor systems as well as “brush free” systems that clean utilizing equipment that moves around the perimeter of the car, power washing it from all angles.

carwash5Car wash customers also like versatility when it comes to options available at a car wash. Equipment that dispenses “Add-on” car wash options can also be financed:
• Tire shine
• Underbelly power wash
• Rain-X
• Wax treatments
• Clear Coat Protector

Self-service car washing equipment is also financed. Many car wash locations offer commercial vacuums, floor mat cleaners and air fresheners. Some locations include the use of vacuums and floor mat cleaners for free, while others charge for a specific number of minutes.

carwash2There are multiple types of commercial vacuums that are used at car wash locations, some include:
• Vacuums
• Shampoo Vacuums
• Fragrance Vacuums
• Spot Free Vacuum Combos
• Vacuums stations that incorporate all the above

For car wash owners/operators that charge for extra services on-site change or credit card swipe payment terminals are necessary for customer convenience. Mid Continent Capital, Inc. can also assist with on-site change making and payment equipment lease financing.

Mid Continent Capital, Inc. offers FLEXIBILITYCONSISTENCY – and COMPREHENSIVENESS with lease/finance options and terms from 12 to 60 months.

carwash10Finance options can include:
• Equipment
• Operating Software
• Service and Support

Mid Continent Capital, Inc. helps businesses across the country grow and remain competitive through lease financing. Contact us to see how we can help you optimize your cash flow.

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