Flexible Terms

Our lease term options are super flexible, tailored to your needs!

We offer step-up, step-down, seasonally adjusted, skip-payment and other types of creative lease financing...let us help you.

"Cash Flow Friendly Leasing" is designed to help lessees better match their equipment investment expenses, to the anticipated new and / or greater revenue. A worst case scenario would be laying out 100% of the cost in advance for equipment that would return profits over 2, 3 or even 5 years. That's cash flow negative and in our terms not very "cash flow friendly!"

Here are 6 Ways "Cash Flow Friendly" Can Work For Your Company

Choose 30, 60 or 90 Day Deferral. Take delivery now! We'll pay your vendor now! Your first 3 payments are what we call “CONTACT PAYMENTS”, like $25.00/month (example), then begin making normal payments at the determined factor. Learn your new equipment, work out the kinks, get some cash flow in, before you start paying out. 

Seasonal Payments. Is your cash flow stronger in some periods and "dry up" during others? Ask about our high/low seasonally adjusted payments 

Step Up Payments. Your payments will increase over time as your cash flow from that equipment increase. Example: First 6 payments @ $99/MO, followed by 30, 42 or 54 payments.

Step Down Payments. Just the opposite of Step Up payments and are particularly beneficial when you are looking to accelerate tax write-offs.

$99/Month for the First 6 Months. That's right, regardless of the equipment cost, we'll structure your first 6 months of payments at a nice, friendly $99. Would that help?

Skip Payment Vouchers. Want some flexibility to skip a payment here or there without compromising your good credit? Our skip payment voucher system may be the way to go.

Cash Flow Friendly Leasing-Just one example of how we can help you grow! How can we help you?

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